RIP Undergraduate Career, 1998-2011

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The good news is that I got into University of Minnesota's awesome Statistical Education Masters program, where I'll be learning to teach statistics and research innovative new techniques for teaching.

The sad news is that I've lost an old friend: my undergraduate career, who reached his teenage years in 2011. It started with classes I took at Boston University in 1998, continued through Sarah Lawrence from 2001-2005, and culminated in University of Colorado 2006-2011. I dearly will miss him, being treated like I'm seventeen years old, and like I have never written a term paper before. In commemoration, me and my friend Rebecca had a mournful Viking funeral for his only remains, my college transcripts. His funeral raft, humbly grass-bound, was set alight as I wept and tore my clothes:

And cast off into the ocean so blue:

May the corals cuddle him in his watery grave.

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