The Most Romantic Electro-Grunge Statistical Computing Song Ever Made

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Warning message: This song contains highly suggestive coefficients and graphic depictions of exuberant R-core lovin'.

"Plotting Ihaka" is based on Rotting Piñata by Sponge, and reflects a small measure of my boundless joy in the world of R. Despite being a firm proponent of muffins, I can confidently say that I would rather live in a world without muffins than without R.

Feel free to download the song (the down-arrow on the widget) or to embed (the html-tag icon), or remix for your soon-to-be-top-40 statistical hip-hop song. Here are the lyrics:

Plotting Ihaka
by tnt YOW
My learning machine
I'm attached for you to analyze.
Find my means,
Let's tangle, weave, and ddply!

I will plot away
I will plot away
I will plot away
Like a plotting Ihaka
Plotting Ihaka
Plotting Ihaka
Plotting Ihaka

Mix my models,
Granger-cause my x and y.
Woo me with your purty APIs.


Install your packages onto me--
CRAN, CRAN, whoop dee dee!
With ggplot2
My graphs are many-paned!
Uwe, Hadley, John,
Summarize my dataframe!
And plot it, and blog it,
And plot it, and blog it,
And plot it, and blog it,
And plot it, and blog it!

Has freed my mouse and blown my mind
Don't cry for SAS,
Just source() my file
And inflect my splines.


My gratefulness, of course, extends to all those who are lucky enough to not have been mentioned in this song, especially Robert Gentleman, who co-wrote R but didn't clearly fit into any mid-nineties grunge songs. Happy Valentine's day, R!

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