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The Most Romantic Electro-Grunge Statistical Computing Song Ever Made

February 14, 2011


Warning message: This song contains highly suggestive coefficients and graphic depictions of exuberant R-core lovin'. "Plotting Ihaka" is based on Rotting PiƱata by Sponge, and reflects a small measure of my boundless joy in the world of R. Despite being a firm proponent of muffins, I can confidently say that I would rather live in […]

Rhythms of Equality and Inequality

February 6, 2011


Today I unveil my very first statistical YouTube video! I will do anything to keep you statisfied, and if that means YouTube, then so be it. But first, some exposition: In Panama, 10 percent of the population owned 45 percent of the income in 2000, whereas the bottom 10 percent owned only 0.6 percent. How […]